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by Wolfgang Strutz

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released January 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Wolfgang Strutz Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Bigger Stars
Are you some kinda savior
or a preacher just for sin
running my whole life
reacting to your despair

Now I'm longing and
You don't love me

Go go go (moving far away)
take my heart (little to remain)
Go go go (always all the same)

Like you (they leave this place)
It's true (we built between our fate)

Through the torment (of your love)
Let you take me
Done with hoping (no repair)
You do break me
Track Name: Rooted for You
At once
you fell
I was
your bell
And now
you're gone
New York

Every now and then a place
seems to have it all
New York
If only I could be the place
rooted for you

No end
for me
I cry
for sleep
the tears
they fall
for you
Track Name: All Day Long
All Day
feel these day dreams
calling calling
I'll make
something for me
common calm

And I'll save it
like a wish
To be windless
blown away

With all that I give
and all that I take
got the life
of love

In modern love
they only want to be used
Goin round and round
just like the songs do

If I live
all I've known
got a lifetime
of gold
Track Name: The Walls
I've been reading
to the walls
and the walls been
telling me I'm falling in love
and I'm lost
cause I can't
leave my body.

Life as land
You know that.

Travel to me
I can't get there
This I promise
I've got answers
matching your own.

And your love
your love it grows
it grows
inside my soul
shifting the position
I can finally live
hoping that the love is all I get.

Paint my soul
on the walls of your own
I'm already out.

What you speak
and what I heard
comes to me
like my own thought's bird.
Track Name: The Hereafter
oh all my life
take my time

my eyes mourning
lifetimes pouring over

take me under
rising bove the blue

your hands
grab the

long as
I can
long undergo
Track Name: My Favorite Angel
You my angel
never have to lie
the words that matter most
And we can go (someday)
so far away (someway)
Our love ain't their love
and this will remain
Track Name: New Stone
You call for the truth
No truth came from you
Raising the distance that I keep from you
Just to wither our past

Lay off I got it coming
Lay off I don't need any your time
Your time-it's worth
My life -it's worth
it's all there
always all there

New stone for my blues
New stone for my blues
adding to the damage that's already been done
New stone for my blues
Track Name: Telltale Time
Maybe all I got is you
maybe we are done n through
cause to think of it now
gets me thinking down
cause I am ready
to understand
what it is you want in love
-but you never know.
Waiting and always filling my time
Why must I always cry for you
I'm ready to know
your method of love
Track Name: Song for Ladyclair*
love love love
can't be
gone gone gone
I've spent too long
waiting for
the time to come

days of space
but I wait for her
please my saint
I recall her
so well

my visions make ware
her demand to be near
just short of a dream
but I remain here

*featuring Alex Brettin of the Mild High Club
Track Name: To Allow It
I've been thinkin it's
all alone
living in
a lonely land
if our love
can't come along
don't forget to
call my name

and so my dear
take a look around you
they've fallen apart
now there's no way
they'll move on
they don't wana get excited
Track Name: Death Cap Fungus
Tired mind
I was looking up
couldn't speak
I was too aware
of the control
we like to keep
but I felt none
Believe in too much
Track Name: Whining Away Always
may I reform the doors
my mind is gettin soar
on and on I have always gone on
gotta pay for what you said
I believe in effects

who knew you wouldn't stay
and there would come a day
when your love is gone
and now I will find
that in my love life
I am all alone

never heard a thought on my mind
all on a tape
what did you say
your love
your love
whining away
Track Name: Whitman
Through the clear
I stretch around

Stretch around
On the wonderful

Where the sun
Sun down shadows

Over the
Limitless and
Lonesome prairie

*These lyrics are the combination of two lines from Walt Whitman's poem Starting From Paumanok : XXXIII.